Malibu Kool Kat

“The joy of saving a life keeps on giving”

Malibu Kool Kat a Certified Therapy Cat

My neighbor Karen Ann Smythe found a treasure in a forest in Calabasas.  Someone had dumped this lovely cat where coyotes roam.  Karen not only saved Kool Kat’s life but made him the star of her award winning children’s book Fredrick the Butterfly”

Recently released Karen’s second book “Amazing Adventures of Fredrick the Butterfly   Plus Karen & Malibu Kool Kat”.


A Conversation with Children’s Book Author, Karen Ann Smythe

Karen Ann  Smythe

Spunky’s Rescue Ranch in Malibu has some fabulous cats waiting for forever homes.  Who knows, you may find the next “Kool” cat star , therapy cat or just a loving new friend. The cats below are now available for adoption:

Topanga A darling Calico


Catrina. Sweet Seal Point


Dylan. A Maine Coon Mix

Spunky’s Rescue Ranch 916-704-6057



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Malibu Country Mart Presents: League of Extraordinary Mutts

“New Date: Saturday March 25, 2017”!

Who says “lightening never strikes twice”. Here is a second chance at  true love coming your way!

Looking for a new friend to give you unconditional love??? Would you like to visit a kissing booth?  This is your moment to choose your perfect mate from a stellar selection of lovers.

The League of Extraordinary Mutts is  a non-profit rescue organization in the Los Angeles area.  A volunteer run organization, the League’s focus is on those animals least likely to receive another chance in life due to physical, emotional or health issues.

The event features a Kissing/Photo booth which gives humans a chance to find their best mate. Cuddle up and get some wet kisses while you see how you and your potential new best friend for life look together.  Do some bonding and leave for home with a furry new friend in your arms..

Attention: The date of the event is  Saturday , March 25 .  The fun starts at the Malibu Country Mart at 11:00 AM and continues until 2:00 PM.

Have a great weekend and enjoy a sunny Saturday at the Kissing Booth!

Malibu Country Mart 3835 Cross Creek Rd., Malibu


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“$1,000 Reward  Offered for Return of Lily”

image copy

Monday, January 26th I found a red break away collar on the walk way of my residence.  I phoned the number on the tag to learn the kitty had been missing since Sunday. The owners really miss Lily and are hopeful someone took her in because she had no collar.

If you have seen Lily please contact me and I will put you in touch with her owners. She lives on Broad Beach and her collar was found across the highway in the 31200 block of PCH near the corner of Lunita.  She may be on Bailard  or Lunita roads or back closer to home on Broad Beach.


Lily’s family is heart broken and would be grateful for her return.

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Malibu’s Best Cat House Part II

“Up for Adoption at Spunky’s Rescue Ranch”

Talula is a five year old purebred Persian, calico in color.  She was just shaved prior to this picture.  Her elderly male owner passed away, wishing only that his beloved cat be taken care of subsequent to his death.  Sadly, his family simply dumped her in Animal Control.  Fortunately, Spunky’s was contacted and we were able to get her out.
She is very affectionate, although a bit overwhelmed by the other cats here.  She has always been an only child, and while she does not fight with other cats, she would probably prefer to be her human’s only cat.

A purebred apple-head seal point Siamese.  Three years old with stunning blue eyes.  She is sweet and affectionate, gets along great with other animals and children.  Just a super all around great companion cat.
New kitty, RagDoll. Flame point polydactyl. Timothy. Three years old. Huge personality.

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