“You Can Go Home Again” (sorry Thomas Wolfe)

Long Island Sound where I learned to swim


“California to Connecticut and back again”

My life began in Connecticut but I have spent most of my adult life in California.  Both are home to me , Connecticut because I have family there  and California because it changed my life. They are two of the most progressive states in the country, both full of natural beauty and lots of shoreline.

I recently returned to Connecticut for my uncle Larry’s 80th birthday celebration in West Hartford. I had forgotten how green it is there because of all the years of drought we have experienced in California.


The reservoir was were we took our morning walks.


So this is how I spent my 4th of July with my cousins (and their 10 children , 9 of them girls) enjoying the beautiful weather, familiar surroundings celebrating a family milestone.


Lucky only boy cousin Ben.

Fun trip but always nice to come back home to Malibu.

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