“I Am The Elephant In The Room”

“A Horse of An Different Color”

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This is one of the most brilliant “picture” books I have read. Bursting with pithy satirical wit and commentary ” I Am The Elephant in the Room” is a must read. The art work is gorgeous.  Not only is Mr. Bender a brilliant writer and director but also a gifted artist . Just in case the name does not “ring a bell”  think “Lost”, “Game of Thrones” and  “The Soprano’s ” .

I met Jack and his wife actress and now Rabbi Laura Owens about 20 years ago when they were contemplating buying a home in Malibu. Brentwood won out but I kept in touch and followed their careers.  Facebook reunited us and I was very excited to attend Jack’s  book signing and art opening at the Main Street Gallery in Venice.


This book is now on my gift list for all my witty and open minded friends. Great gift for Father’s day , as well.

Gracee Arthur with author Jack Bender at Main Street Gallery in Venice
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