Malibu’s Gravina Restaurant

“Giuseppe of Ago brings his fine cuisine to Malibu”
Gravina in Puglia.,is an Italian municipality in the Southern Italian Province of Bari. it is sited along a river of the same name in the Western Murgia geographical area of Apulia. It’s the seat of Alta Murgia National . Gravina (meaning grain and wine) was home to Giuseppe Segreto, who has been involved in many great restaurant ventures of the past 30 years, including Toscana Brentwood. The design of his new restaurant ,located in the former home of the Sage Room , is simultaneously elegant and casual with such creative touches as wine bottle chandeliers..
I had the good fortune to dine at Gravina twice since it opened and am happy to report the food is fabulous and they now serve some wonderful wines to compliment their fine Italian cuisine. My first visit I enjoyed the excellent rack of lamb while my companions enjoyed delicious steak au poivre . My most recent visit was with my friend Diana,a fellow realtor (recently relocated from NYC) . We shared a delicious, locally sourced Rucola  which is arugola with shaved parmesan and balsamic dressing ,followed by tagliatelle with bolognese for me and delicately prepared filet of sole for Diana. I drank a tasty Sangiovese  while Diana sipped a full bodied Cabernet. We finished our meal with a yummy fresh berry tart .  Giuseppe’s wife Mariella  and her sous chef from Ago get  kudos for the great kitchen .

Gravina will be open on Easter Sunday for dinner from 5PM to  9 PM serving their regular menu .Reservations Recommended

$$$ (30-50) · Italian Restaurant

28925 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, California 90265(310) 457-0711 open 5:00 pm – 9::30 PM    

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Malibu”Guy” a Rescue Cat’s Tale

“It takes a Village”

A few weeks ago my neighbors began feeding a lost cat. The poor thing was frightened, hungry and cowering under a bush.  As we all began to feed and talk to the young cat he befriended us; especially  a couple of nice young boys who petted him and rubbed his belly.  We were all worried about the kitty living outside and so, after some considerable effort, I was able to get animal control  (very kind officer Hollis) to take him to the shelter. I was his last resort (having 2 grown cats already). The good news is, only a week later, the kitty named “Guy” by shelter volunteers found a new home with a nice family and their little boy.

There are many great lost or abandoned cats (Guy was neutered so must have had a home at one time) waiting for homes at the Agoura Animal Shelter and  Spunky’s Rescue Ranch.

These two cuties below are available at Spunky’s Rescue Ranch in Malibu:

Shauna is an affectionate 5 year old Rag Doll. She likes all the attention to herself. She is a great companion cat with long bunny fur that loves brushing.

Freckles is a young Bengal mix. A playful, confident and affectionate cat. She likes to have a cat friend , as well as participate in all her human’s activities.


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Malibu’s Best Cat House Part II

“Up for Adoption at Spunky’s Rescue Ranch”

Talula is a five year old purebred Persian, calico in color.  She was just shaved prior to this picture.  Her elderly male owner passed away, wishing only that his beloved cat be taken care of subsequent to his death.  Sadly, his family simply dumped her in Animal Control.  Fortunately, Spunky’s was contacted and we were able to get her out.
She is very affectionate, although a bit overwhelmed by the other cats here.  She has always been an only child, and while she does not fight with other cats, she would probably prefer to be her human’s only cat.

A purebred apple-head seal point Siamese.  Three years old with stunning blue eyes.  She is sweet and affectionate, gets along great with other animals and children.  Just a super all around great companion cat.
New kitty, RagDoll. Flame point polydactyl. Timothy. Three years old. Huge personality.

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Malibu’s Best Cat House

“Welcome to Spunky’s Rescue Ranch”
Spunky’s is a not for profit charitable animal rescue. 100% of all adoption donations go back into the care of the animals. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, we have many others to choose from. Come and visit, spend some time with the cats. You will have cats in your lap, cats at your feet, cats waiting patiently to be notice, and cats trying to play.


One year old Maine Coon mix, in an unusual color of solid brown with white. He will continue to grown and his coat will come in longer over the next three years. He has an alpha personality, but prefers to be known as the Crown Prince. He does not understand why the other cats don’t recognize his position and treat him with the appropriate respect.

He is very affectionate, will follow his human around and engage in their activities.

Errol Flynn:
Errol is a three year old coon mix with the agouti coat. (This means while he appears to be a solid color, each hair is banded in several different colors.) He has been steadily putting on muscle and size, and his coat is already longer than shown in this picture.

He does not like to be picked up, but is otherwise very affectionate. He will follow you around, he will get on the furniture next to you for attention, and will engage himself in your activities.

These are just a couple of the great variety of cats Spunky’s has available for adoption . I highly recommend visiting the ranch where I got my great Maine Coon Harry.

I will feature some more wonderful felines next week.

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Malibu In Autumn

“Its another beautiful day”

I was born and raised in Connecticut where autumn was always my favorite time of year. The leaves changing color, air fresh and crisp, it was like living in a painting. When I moved to California I became very nostalgic about the change of seasons.
Now living in Malibu, I have come to appreciate the subtle and beautiful seasons (no, not earthquake, flood and fire) but the glorious autumn sunrises and sunsets off the coast. The squid boats are out on the ocean , the red, golds pinks and purples of the sunset behind them, the temperature is 78 degrees and the sky clear.
This weekend will be bringing Malibu more summer like weather with temperatures in the high ’70s too low ’80s . Here , courtesy of the Malibu Times are some fun ways to spend this weekend at the beach:

On Saturday, The Santa Monica Mountains Natural History Association (SMMNHA) and the California State Parks will host a “60th Birthday Bash for Leo Carrillo State Park” from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Leo Carrillo State Park.
A fundraiser for the Malibu Playhouse will take place at O’Gara Coach Westlake in Thousand Oaks this Saturday at 7 p.m.
The annual Boys and Girls Club fundraising gala will take place this Saturday, honoring Malibu High junior Mariarely Cruz as Youth of the Year.
The Malibu Music Festival Awards Show will take place this Saturday at Pepperdine University Smother’s Theatre at 7:30 p.m.
Gavin DeGraw will be performing at Pepperdine on Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. as part of the University’s Waves Weekend.

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